The mind behind Painted Black is Kelsey, who is one of those eccentric types that never really grew out of her goth phase. With a love of all things old and creepy, she frequently hit up antique malls and thrift stores with her grandmother, who taught her how to see value and worth in the least expected.

While feeling mostly on the outskirts of normal her entire life, she’s always had a soft spot for the outcasts and underdogs. Paired with an overabundance of creativity, her vision leads her to take what is discarded, broken, forgotten, or actually dead and transform it into unique, one-of-a-kind home décor items.

By choosing to upcycle from the unwanted with ethical sustainability in mind, Kelsey’s goal with Painted Black is to reduce and reuse, saving space in landfills. She chooses to source her items from thrift stores, flea markets, and charity organizations who assist those in need. It’s her way to try and make the world a better place - one spooky item at a time.